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Metal Cards

We also supply customised metal cards which you can offer as premium credit/membership/loyalty cards to engage with your upscale customers or buyers.



Our full metal Cards feature 2D/3D etched and engraved graphic elements, individually embedded security features, EMV contact chip modules and magnetic stripes. We can also include accent features like custom colored epoxy or embellishments such as carbon fiber, 24 karat gold or gems at your request.


Our patented metal hybrid card consists of a metal front and a polymer card back. The metal front features the same 2D/3D etched and engraved graphic elements as our full metal card, and the polymer back allows a lower price point. Metal hybrid cards can also contain a magnetic stripe, EMV contact chip module or Dual Interface technology.


Our patent pending metal gravure card construction offers a textured, tactile front that includes either spot or full color printing and a polymer card back. This multi-angular optical effect creates an eye-catching refraction in the light and can contain either a magnetic stripe or EMV contact chip module.


Our patent pending metal veneer card is our most straightforward metal composite card construction, which lends itself to simpler graphic card designs. The beauty of this card is that it allows for tri-colored laser personalization and graphics on the front of the card. Metal veneer cards can contain a magnetic stripe or EMV contact chip module.

How the card differentiate:

1) Tactile / weight :

  • Plastic Card -4 to 5 gm
  • Metal Hybrid Card –19 to 22 gm
  • Full Metal Card –Above 28 gm

2) Technology / Alternative printing techniques –No Hologram

3) Alternative materials (precious metals, gems, carbon fiber, fabric) -> higher perceived value

4) Durability

Value proposition:

  • Once in a lifetime experiences, bespoke gifts, VIP events, etc.